Brooklyn newcomer Delicious on the Slope makes traditional Israeli specialties, Jewish deli standards, and more—and it’s all “really, really, really good,” promises Fay.

Schnitzel is a standout: thin, crisp, seemingly greaseless, “absolutely the best I have ever had,” Fay declares. It comes with buttery, cumin-scented rice and, if you ask, excellent house-made zhug, the Yemenite-style hot sauce. Also recommended: matzo ball soup; hummus with fava beans (accompanied by olive oil and hard-cooked egg); and juicy, well-seasoned pastrami—“not a dish that I would expect to find on a menu with Israeli Yemenite specialties,” Fay notes, “but this place is really idiosyncratic.”

Brunch sounds promising. Get In My Belly reports fresh, tasty, out-of-the-ordinary fare, including a long-cooked Israeli stew and eggs in spicy tomato sauce. Among the more intriguing brunch options (though not yet sampled by hounds) are a couple of hard-to-find Yemenite breads; the fried malawach; and the sweetened, slow-baked jachnun.

Delicious on the Slope [Park Slope]
641 President Street (near Fifth Avenue), Brooklyn
No phone available

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