Obsessives: Pickles

By Lessley Anderson, Meredith Arthur, Eric Slatkin, and Blake Smith

Here’s the cliché: Alex Hozven craved pickles when she was pregnant with her first son, 12 years ago. And the twist: She started her own pickling business. The Cultured Pickle Shop sells pickles ranging from classic sauerkrauts to unusual kimchees and kombuchas—way beyond the sour dill. But it’s the experiments, like the mysterious nuka pot or pickled blood oranges, that really get Hozven excited. There’s plenty of zing, zest, pow in all her pickles, though.

This is a regular series called Obsessives, in which CHOW explores the worlds of singularly focused food-industry figures. These are the people with the dirty hands, answering detailed questions about the work they do.

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