Super Bowl Party Tips

How to get your beer open and the party going

If you’re hosting or attending a Super Bowl party this year, you’re probably going to be faced with a bottle of beer that needs opening. You’ll want to make sure that bottle openers are available, everywhere. But when the inevitable occurs and an opener is nowhere to be found, we provide a plethora of options: Open a bottle with a pen, a piece of paper, your forearm, a carabiner, or another beer. If you’d like to skip ahead to a different tip, click the Menu button and then Playlist to be taken to the tip of your choosing.

Securing Your Bottle Openers
How to Open a Beer with Another Beer
Three Ways to Chill Beer
How to Open a Beer with a Pen
How to Open a Beer with a Piece of Paper
How to Open a Beer with Your Forearm
Microbrews in Cans
How to Open a Bottle of Beer with a Carabiner

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