Drinks Around the World

Drinks Around the World(cont.)

Time Zone by Time Zone

Starting at the International Date Line and going west.

  • Hour 0 - Kiribati


    Start off slowly with a glass of water and a geography lesson: Kiribati is just to the west of the International Date Line.
  • Hour 1 - Tonga

    Kava Shake

    This kava drink is part hot cocoa, part coconut, part milk shake, and part psychotropic.
  • Hour 2 - Antarctica


    You’re at the South Pole! You’re an intrepid explorer, perhaps an Antarctic pirate! Drink some grog! Argh, matey!
  • Hour 3 - Russia

    Vodka Shot

    Raise a chilled vodka shot to the Russians, who specialize in celebrating New Year’s—so much so that many of them do it twice (marking both the Julian and Georgian calendars).
  • Hour 4 - Australia


    You’ve celebrated Antarctic-style and Russian-style. Right now it’s summer Down Under—pop open a cold beer.
  • Hour 5 - Japan

    Kinako Mochi

    Mochi is usually associated with dessert, but the Japanese make room for it at breakfast too, and it’s a New Year’s staple.
  • Hour 6 - China


    Crack one open and thank your host. That’s “xie xie” (“shay shay”) in Mandarin.
  • Hour 7 - Vietnam

    Spiked Frozen Coffee Shots

    We riffed on the traditional Vietnamese or Thai sweetened coffee for these icy pops.
  • Hour 8 - India

    East India Cocktail

    It’s not actually the Indian New Year for another half hour, but you won’t want to wait to start sipping this classic cocktail, a nod to the days of the Raj.
  • Hour 9 - Uzbekistan


    The Uzbeks drink lots of tea and lots of vodka; we combined the two into a tea-flavored martini that the Uzbeks are unlikely to ever drink.
  • Hour 10 - Oman


    You’ll need the caffeine to get through the next 14 hours. Yes, 14 hours.
  • Hour 11 - Somalia

    Spiced Somalian Tea

    You clearly need another hour of sobering up. This delicately spiced tea will energize you while you take a breather from all that alcohol.
  • Hour 12 - Turkey


    Close your eyes and imagine yourself at a café in Istanbul sipping this anise-flavored brandy. If your head starts spinning, open your eyes immediately.
  • Hour 13 - Belgium


    Lambic, gueuze, Trappist, or saison? This country is known for its diversity of beers.
  • Hour 14 - United Kingdom

    Welsh Rarebit Bites

    Beer-laced cheese spread on toasts? Yes, please.
  • Hour 15 - Greenland

    Frozen Lambic Ice

    Make this frozen drink quickly, before global warming does away with all the ice. (By now you’re probably just drunk enough that this makes sense.)
  • Hour 16 - Atlantic Ocean


    You’ve made it to the middle of nowhere. Now drink lots of water for the next hour.
  • Hour 17 - Brazil

    Guava Batida

    Best known as the main ingredient in a Caipirinha, cachaça is equally delicious in this spiked, fruity, blended drink.
  • Hour 18 - Chile

    Inca Trail

    It’s New Year’s in Chile now—that’s your cue to drink a pisco cocktail.
  • Hour 19 - Ecuador


    Warm shots of strong alcohol, spice, and citrus will give you the kick you need right about now.
  • Hour 20 - Guatemala


    Guatemala makes aged rums on a par with Cuba. Try one out in this stiff tropical libation.
  • Hour 21 - Mexico


    The Mexican equivalent of the gin and tonic, the Paloma has only two ingredients, plus a lime—which is about as complicated a drink as you can handle at this point.
  • Hour 22 - Canada

    Bloody Caesar

    Don’t forget our compatriots to the north. Their take on the Bloody Mary is made with Clamato juice and a hint of horseradish.
  • Hour 23 - Alaska

    Duck Fart

    After 23 hours of drinking, fart jokes are actually funny. A pousse-café—a fancy name for a layered drink—of Baileys Irish Cream, Crown Royal whiskey, and Kahlúa, this cocktail may be an acquired taste.
  • Hour 24 - Hawaii

    Cheehu Cocktail

    Cheehu is Hawaiian Pidgin for “Whoo-hoo!” This drink combines lychees, rum, and guava juice. No paper umbrella necessary.
  • Hour 25 - Samoa

    Big Spender

    Congratulations, you’ve made it around the world. Celebrate the New Year one final time with some bubbly dressed up with blood orange juice and tequila.
  • Now go rest, drink lots of fluids, and don’t think about resolutions until your hangover is gone.
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