While eating a home-cooked meal on Thanksgiving is enjoyable, being responsible for cooking it often is not. And if you’re only cooking for two, it’s hard to get all the holiday favorites on the table without

ending up with a ton of extra food.

So we called around and found out what restaurants will be open (unfortunately, many are taking a well-deserved day off) and what they’ll be serving this Thanksgiving. We cross-referenced with the Chowhound boards to make sure people had good things to say about the places we included. We also listed the price, hours of holiday meal service, and information on making a reservation if you want to snap up a spot quickly.

Here are lists for Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco. If you’re in another city and feeling inspired to share your discoveries, create your own Thanksgiving restaurant list.

There’s also some interesting talk about Thanksgiving dining over on Chowhound if you want to jump into the fray.

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