The St. Petersburg Times (Florida, not Russia) brings us a list of “The World’s 10 Most Disgusting Beers.”

So … what exactly makes a beer “disgusting”? Unbalanced flavors? Rancid off-notes? “Artificial” taste? Poorly considered flavorings?

Unfortunately, the writer of the list neither defines his rules of engagement nor lays down his procedure; did he actually try some of the 10 beers he’s dubbing the worst? None? All? And from a field of how many? Copious cribbing of tasting notes from RateBeer hints at something approaching “none,” but it’s impossible to tell.

Fortunately, the cranky amateur media critics of the SPT comments section are there to knock the writer back into line:

by Dan May 4, 2008 12:27 PM

Joey, you are a poor excuse for a writer. How about some objective reporting instead for a change? Lets face it, you really only had what. . . one maybe two of the beers on the list. Thanks for the information. Go back to covering bingo.

by Dallas May 4, 2008 12:27 PM

Aren’t all of these American? Kinda hard to rate world beers when you don’t include any foreign brews on your list. Trust me, there are plenty. For that I give your list a big FAIL.

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