“I moved to my neighborhood about five months ago, and since then have visited Avedano’s, my neighborhood butcher, six or seven times. I’m more impressed each time I go, with both the prepared foods and the meat on sale,” says pane. “The meats have been uniformly great, and they are real butchers who can prepare the meat for you rather than just wrapping and selling it. I saw a guy breaking down what looked like a quarter of a pig last week.”

It’s a little place, but it’s full of local foods, such as Blue Chair Fruit Company, Poco Dolce, Kika’s Treats, local eggs, house-made marinara and Bolognese, and a few choice bits of local produce. Of the prepared foods, pane likes both the pork stew and pork tacos, and says that the sandwiches, such as tuna panini with chopped olives and pea tendrils, are excellent. “The quality of ingredients and interesting combinations are on par with Bi-Rite,” says pane. “But I’d say that Avedano’s sandwiches taste better.” Atomica agrees; the sandwiches he’s had there were the best he’s had in years.

And, of course, there’s the meat. Calvinist regularly buys skirt steak and petrale soul there: “Not cheap but excellent quality.” And pane says the Kobe beef is worth trying. “My friend said it was the best beef she’d ever tasted, and I can say for sure it’s not due to my minimal cooking skills.”

Overall, hounds agree that Avedano’s has found its feet since opening its doors last July. “If you checked it out when they first opened and it wasn’t what you expected, I’d suggest a follow-up visit at this point,” says pane.

(And perhaps of note: Co-owner Tia Harrison has been featured on CHOW for her mean chocolate chip cookie.)

Avedano’s [Bernal Heights]
235 Cortland Avenue, San Francisco

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