Skirt steak is a thin cut with lots of good, beefy flavor. The secret: Don’t overcook it. Skirt steak will stay tender and juicy if cooked to medium rare, and no further. The key, say Chowhounds, is to use a hot grill, grill pan, or cast iron skillet and cook it for around two minutes per side for medium rare. Most slice it thin across the grain to serve (think fajitas, for which skirt is the traditional cut), but Mild Bill and jfood both cut it in five-inch sections before cooking and serve as they would any other steak, saying it’s tender enough that cross-grain slices aren’t necessary. Some like to marinate skirt steak, but many hounds say that it’s flavorful enough that they prefer to use salt and pepper only. And here are suggestions from CHOW on uses for skirt steak and other underappreciated cuts of meat.

Board Link: Skirt Steak! what to do? what to do?

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