The Year in Food 2007

Culture Clash

Pinkberry resurrected frozen yogurt, opening 17 shops in its native Los Angeles area and 4 in New York City this year. On any given day, each location served more than 1,500 customers, including some who hopped back in line after finishing their cups. Fans acted like they hadn’t seen frozen yogurt before, and in a way, they hadn’t. The 1980s version masqueraded as healthy ice cream, and it later lost out to new formulations of reduced-fat ice cream. This time, unflavored, naturally tart yogurt became popular at Pinkberry and its competitors: Berri Good, Kiwiberri, Snowberry, and Roseberry. Detractors cried, “Stinkberry!” Pinkberry was sued for not even being yogurt, because it allegedly contains no live yogurt cultures, and Red Mango in Korea said that Pinkberry copied its concept. The accusations didn’t slow Pinkberry down: The company planned to expand to Las Vegas and London, and Starbucks founder Howard Schultz’s venture capital firm plunked down a $27.5 million investment. —Jessica Su

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