The Year in Food 2007

From the Yuppie Archives

Arugula and crème fraîche were considered exotic ingredients when Sheila Lukins and Julee Rosso first published The Silver Palate Cookbook in 1982. They filled it with recipes they were using in their take-away shop on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Dishes like blueberry soup, tarragon chicken salad, and pesto were a hit, and got millions interested in the gourmet movement bubbling up in restaurants and shops across the country. In April, Workman Publishing reissued the cookbook, adding color photos (some not so appetizing) and about a dozen new recipes. While it still contains a few relics from the post-nouvelle past (blueberry mayonnaise), Silver Palate continues to be as useful as it was 25 years ago. —Kate Ramos

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