The backlash against Jamie Oliver’s healthy school lunch crusade began a while ago—junk-food-lovin’ mothers started passing forbidden snacks to their kids through schoolyard fences back in September. Oliver’s campaign still lives on in Great Britain, but now, some enterprising students are sneaking illicit snacks into school and making a profit on the contraband munchies. A teacher at a secondary school described a pair of 14-year-olds who were recently caught with “60 cans of fizzy drinks and piles of milk chocolate” to the London Times: “The thin wiry creatures, in full uniform but with shortened ties, shirts hanging out, were walking a heavily laden bicycle. The bags were dripping off the bike’s handlebars, crossbars and saddle like a scene from some desperate endeavour on foot and mule to reach a lost city in the Peruvian mountains.”

Is it just me, or does this description indicate that the schoolteachers are more amused than incensed by their students’ covert operations? It’s not clear how the students are being disciplined for breaking the healthy-food rules, but the article also reports:

One young smuggling mastermind, when finally caught, said to his school’s headmaster unapologetically: ‘But we were only doing what you taught us in business studies, Sir.’

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