The bulbs of green (immature) garlic are milder in flavor than mature garlic bulbs, says LNG212. But what about the green, leafy parts? danhole uses them raw like chives, and finds they’re just right in intensity, not so strong in flavor as to be overpowering. Bat Guano says, “They taste like mild garlic, with a sort of green leafy undertone. The same way the green parts of scallions taste like onions, except milder and … greener.”

foodwich finds the leafy parts to be aggressive in flavor, and prefers them either cooked or “combined with something to tamp down the intensity.” During the winter in India, green garlic is chopped fine and mixed into spicy ground lamb, which is served on a platter with raw eggs on top, says foodwich. Scalding hot ghee is poured over, and it’s eaten with flatbread.

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