The Fake Gatsby

Address: 277 Church Street, near White Street
Phone: 212-219-2970
Hours: Monday through Saturday 5 p.m. to 4 a.m.
B Flat
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B Flat
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B Flat
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B Flat
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B Flat
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• Entryway

A tall, black-lacquered door marked “277.” Enter and walk down the stairs. Same building and same owners as the restaurant Tokyo Bar, which is decorated with Japanese comics and neon lights, and located upstairs.

• Décor

Sleek and minimalist with leather banquettes and barstools, dark wood, and candlelight.

• Specialties

The Giant Steps gets just enough heat from wasabi-infused vodka, which is shaken with sake and garnished with a cucumber. For something sweeter and softer, opt for the Misty, a mixture of rum, Chambord, Calpico (a milky Japanese soft drink), and lemon juice, topped with champagne, berries, lemon, and whole mint leaves.

• Best Bottle on Shelf

Aforementioned house-infused wasabi vodka.


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