Rose and Radish: Hip and Elegant

San Francisco–based design gallery, florist, and retail space Rose and Radish puts a lot of effort into reinvention. Every three months, owner Cate Kellison redesigns the store to reflect a theme, which ties the artwork, flower design, and products together. Past themes include “tea time,” “urban,” and “round.”

Kellison’s centerpiece design is a woodland tablescape, complete with dainty deer and a branch-inspired candleholder. She used succulents instead of high-maintenance cut flowers. Guests can see each other over the low and compact plants.

  • Kellison suggests adding unexpected elements. (No one seems to expect deer figurines.) Keep the color consistent, and vary the texture.
  • Kellison placed the “center” piece at the end of the table, so it’s not a distraction and doesn’t obstruct guests’ ability to reach for the turkey.
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