We gathered five media experts who were soaked in Top Chef juice for this entire season: Josh Ozersky of Grub Street, Charlus and Miss XaXa of Amuse-Biatch, Stephanie V. W. Lucianovic a.k.a. Keckler of Television Without Pity, and our own Meredith Arthur, who conducted most of the interviews for CHOW.

They discuss whether this was the best season ever, the merits of skill versus passion, and if Top Chef bears any resemblance to My Fair Lady. Plus: Wouldn’t the show be better with some hot sex? And if so, who would have hooked up?

Listen to all of this season’s Top Chef podcasts:
Hung Huynh
Dale Levitski
Casey Thompson
Brian Malarkey
Sara Mair
CJ Jacobsen
Howie Kleinberg
Tre Wilcox
Sara Nguyen
Joey Paulino
Lia Bardeen
Camille Becerra
Micah Edelstein
Sandee Birdsong
Clay Bowen

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