There may be hits and misses at Sun Tung, says K K, but the hits “are spot on and provide that home cooking feeling (especially if you are from Northern China somewhere or Taiwan).” K K adds that it’s a simple, homey, small, mom-and-pop sort of place.

It serves “fresh and tasty dishes without MSG and at very reasonable prices,” says akbaron. It has all the familiar standards, such as excellent hot and sour soup, and kung pao everything, but akbaron adds that “they’ll also prepare stuff from Northern China, their former homeland.”

There’s good niu rou mien (beef noodle soup), with “slurpy and bouncy” noodles. There’s a special on the wall in Chinese, called “suan miao dou gan,” which is strips of marinated, dried tofu stir-fried with julienned bits of yellow garlic stem—a “super homey dish that tasted exponentially better with self help application of white pepper,” says K K. And there’s “excellent” ma yi shang shu (bean thread noodles stir fried with minced pork and soy sauce).

There are some good weekend brunch items too, continues K K, such as sweet hot soy milk, crunchy Chinese doughnuts, and very authentically Taiwanese jieo tsai her zi (toasty baked boxes of chive, bean thread noodles, and egg).

Sun Tung [Peninsula]
153 S. B Street, San Mateo

Board Link: Sun Tung Restaurant–a real find!

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