Steve Almond, author of Candyfreak: A Journey Through the Chocolate Underbelly of America, put together this list of his favorite regional candy bars. Turn to Chowhound to find out where to get many of these retro confections; some people already have.

1. Valomilk (Kansas). Chocolate and vanilla in a goopy masterpiece.

2. Twin Bing (Iowa). Two brown-gold balls of sweet cherry cream covered with crushed peanuts and chocolate.

3. Idaho Spud (Idaho and the Northwest). A potato-shaped marshmallow, flavored with maple and cocoa, drenched in chocolate, and sprinkled with coconut.

4. GooGoo Cluster (The South). A sugar bomb made of marshmallow, caramel, peanuts, and chocolate.

5. Big Hunk (The West). A delicious vanilla nougat shot through with roasted peanuts.

6. Peanut Chews (Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey). A Philly classic loaded with peanuts and molasses, and covered in chocolate.

7. Sky Bar (New England). The only mainstream candy bar that comes in four flavors: vanilla nougat, peanut, fudge, and caramel. A Boston icon.

8. Nut Goodie (Minnesota). Peanuts and chocolate around a chewy center: the classic cold-weather comfort bar.

9. Blue Monday (Kentucky). An unusual creamy center covered in dark chocolate.

10. Coffee Crisp, Aero (Canada). A trip over the border offers a multitude of delights—the candy equivalent of cheap meds.

Images courtesy of Candy Direct.

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