There are some reliable constants in this world: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. No matter where you live, at some point you will be cold. These warm drinks will keep you insulated until the mercury rises.

1. Hot Cocoa is as much a winter staple as snow angels and scarves, but it’s all too frequently served powdery and thin. Use good-quality cocoa and ratchet up the richness with some heavy cream.

2. This Hot Toddy is a stiff, hot drink that’ll warm you up and leave you buzzing.

3. The more indulgent cousin of the toddy, Hot Buttered Rum tops things off with, well, butter.

4. Hot Honey Lemonade is the drink to turn to for teetotalers, ailing individuals, or lemon lovers who don’t want to leave lemonade behind with summer.

5. There are countless variations of Mulled Wine. This subdued version combines cinnamon, nutmeg, lemon juice, and bitters with wine. You could also add cloves, star anise, or allspice. Some people spike it with brandy, and others whisk in some egg yolks for body.

6. If alcohol isn’t your shtick but you like the flavor of mulled things, our Mulled Apple Cider is a killer replacement. Black pepper, star anise, and ginger give a welcome twist to the oft-generic drink.

7. Called Irish Coffee because it’s laced with Irish whiskey, this drink made its American debut at San Francisco’s Buena Vista and has been warming fans for over half a century.

8. Our version of Chai tea combines cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and milk. Skip the coffee shop and enjoy it at home.

9. Grog blossom describes the broken blood vessels on a nose that come from drinking too heavily. So take it easy with this Grog.

10. Leave the ice out of Southeast Asian Sweet Coffee and you’ve got a quick and sweet caffeine kick. And if you don’t drink coffee, switch it out for tea.

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