Front-yard farming. That’s what Kipp Nash is doing in Boulder, Colorado, according to the Wall Street Journal. Starting several years ago, Nash uprooted his own front yard to grow vegetables—and then convinced his neighbors to let him take over theirs, too. (This may be easier to do in Boulder.) He’s now farming on eight yards in his neighborhood, and although the countersuburbia idea has clearly pissed a few people off—a neighbor snips that she’d prefer green grass over brown dirt—the initiative seems remarkably successful: Boulder residents can buy CSA shares, and the residents of Nash’s “farms” get paid rent in produce.

Nash, who’s a school bus driver, “rises at 5 a.m. and, after returning from his morning route, spends his days planting, watering and tending his yard farms and the seedlings he stores in a greenhouse behind his house.” In the accompanying video, he says since he’d always wanted to grow vegetables for a living, he figured he’d try it on the only land around. I’ve read a lot about individuals transforming their own yards into gardens, but piecing together a small farm out of multiple yards isn’t something I’d heard of before. Anyone know of anything that’s similar?

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