Nibbles and Sips

It’s time to move up. Here’s a stylish cocktail party that rivals anything James Bond might attend. But if you’re new to hosting, don’t despair: A direct evolutionary line can be drawn from the teddy bears’ picnic (fake tea and cucumber sandwiches) through the dorm-room kegger (case of Natural Light and Cheetos) to this soiree. It’s just hosting.

And the key to hosting, for teddy bears or for secret agents, is this: Hang out with your guests. Don’t spend all evening in the kitchen. Our cocktail party will let you do that. The menu’s made up of nibbles that are easy to prepare and potent drinks suited for mixing up in batches ahead of party time. You don’t even need to pick out music: try our iMix to set the mood.

But if even that much prep makes you reach for a can of Natty Light, we’ve still got something for you: a list of 12 items to keep on hand for truly instant entertaining, and by that we mean buy, unwrap, serve. And, of course, mingle.

Download the iMix
and do like Diddy says:
press play.

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Photographs by Brad Hines

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