Black Forest is one of those cakes that you want to dig into in order to get all the flavors in each bite, so we decided to deconstruct it (with a little artistic leeway). In our version, Black Forest “Strata,” we layered in lambic whipped cream, cherries, and chocolate crème anglaise for an indulgent but balanced dessert. Since Lindemans Kriek Lambic is used in the dessert, it is only natural that this be served as the complementary beer. Though lambics are notorious for a cloying sweetness, there is a slight dry cherry flavor in this beer that works nicely with the chocolate, cherries, and cookies. The contrasting beer, Old Rasputin Imperial Russian Stout, makes your taste buds stand to attention; it’s complex and chocolaty. If you are taking the indulgent route for this meal, then this is the perfect beer to end things with.

Kriek Lambic

Old Rasputin
Imperial Russian Stout

Black Forest “Strata”
Lambic and dried cherries are high notes in this deconstruction of the classic German dessert.

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