Snackie Cakes

D id you hear the one about how Hostess hasn’t made any new Twinkies in 25 years? Or how Twinkies are made with embalming fluid? We’re not sure why, but the shelf life of Twinkies seems to receive a lot of attention. To set the record straight, the Hostess people say a Twinkie will stay fresh for only 25 days, though they’re awfully cagey about letting people tour the factory.

But seriously, folks, we love Twinkies. Really, we do. And we’re sorry their parent company, Interstate Bakeries (which also owns Wonder Bread), filed for bankruptcy in 2004. The whole snack cake industry is in a funk, in fact. Is it all the trans fats?

In the spirit of Pimp That Snack, we’ve been tinkering ourselves, and we’ve come up with what we think are some delicious snack cakes. Complete with cream—not creme—vanilla filling.


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