All the cool kids seem to be hanging out in Argentina these days (so says the New York Times). Filmmakers, creatives, even bloggers. Maggie Mason—otherwise known as Mighty Girl—spent a month down there this winter and returned with her pick of “7 Things to Taste in Argentina.” Even if you’re not planning to jet south anytime soon, her food descriptions will have you swooning. Witness her take on dulce de leche:

Fresh dulce is practically sexual. You’ll be tempted to pinch a bit to slide between your thumb and forefinger. Instead, may I suggest pouring a gallon or so on the bed sheets and rolling around in it naked? … No? Well, you can also use it on ice cream, fruit, or toast if you’re concerned about the cleaning bill.

It’s enough to make your stomach want to get on a plane for Buenos Aires, immediately. Before the cool kids eat it all up.

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