Overheard on the Home Cooking Board

"In the past my fried chicken has never been to my satisfaction. I used Keller's recipe this last 4th of July and both my guests and I were completely blown away. They're still talking about it to their friends! The brine is definitely worth it. As in many other situations, sometimes it takes time and money to get that extra special something." – fongberg on Thomas Keller's buttermilk fried chicken

"I peel it and slice it into fine julienne on my mandoline and it makes a fabulous coleslaw, perhaps better than cabbage!" – ElsieB on kohlrabi

"I've reheated pizza in a cast iron skillet for years and it's a huge time-saver over heating an oven. It gives the crust a [crunchy] texture and if you put on a lid, the trapped heat helps to melt the cheese." – fongpei

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