I don’t have a satisfying name for the pickling, jamming, home-brewing, home-cheesemaking movement. Urban homesteading is kind of a misnomer, because what if you are into this stuff and live in a cabin in the woods? Regardless, Punkdomestics.com is an attractive and useful new resource that tracks articles on these topics from around the Web. Sean Timberlake, its creator and an avid DIYer, contributes original content, too.

Recent posts include ideas about how to jazz up your jams with booze (like adding Campari to strawberry jam), a basic primer on how to keep backyard chickens, and a lunar cycle calendar to help you take advantage of the moon’s gravitational pull when gardening. Betcha never thought of that one!

Punkdomestics.com welcomes submissions, and eventually Timberlake hopes it will be a largely user-generated site filled with peoples’ tips and tutorials. I’m looking forward to the day there are lots of eccentric projects to scroll through, like that of an old friend of mine I lost touch with who spent several months perfecting the ultimate tater tot.

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