If you can’t eat blue cheese, or if you simply don’t like its intense flavor and aroma, there are some alternatives. phoenikia recommends using feta, and Kelli2006 goes for Mexican queso fresco. Both have the same crumbly quality as blue cheese, but a much fresher flavor for those people who don’t like the bouquet of a funky blue.

When entertaining friends who want to avoid cheese altogether, ipsedixit uses a mix of two parts yogurt, one part horseradish, and one part mayonnaise, for some of the bite of blue cheese without the suggestion of fermentation.

But aelph reckons there’s no real substitute for blue, and recommends Maytag, an American cheese, in an effort to win over the doubters. “It’s the gold standard for domestic, creamy blues,” says aelph. Bobfrmia agrees: “I have converted more bleu cheese haters, to bleu cheese lovers with Maytag, than I can count on both hands. Try not to look at, or smell it. Just put it in your mouth, smear it around with your tongue. The creaminess, the incredible complexity of flavor, oh my God! It doesn’t take long to appreciate the look and scent.”

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