Is there a summer-friendly way to make cornbread without turning on the oven? “In this heat, I make cornbread in the waffle maker. That machine stays cool,” says Cathy.

sperky recently made stovetop cornbread—and it was delicious! sperky cooked the cornmeal batter in sizzling bacon grease in a skillet only partially covered with a lid, so that the bread didn’t steam while cooking, and let it go for 20 minutes. “It was crispy brown on the sides and bottom but of course didn’t brown on top. I turned it upside down on the plate to serve so no one was the wiser.”

DiveFan also makes cornbread in a cast iron skillet liberally greased with bacon fat. DiveFan recommends keeping the flame low after the skillet is heated, not skimping on the bacon grease, tightly covering the skillet with foil, and flipping the cornbread halfway through cooking.

And for the adventurous old-school home cook, there are always hoecakes. “Hoecakes were called hoecakes because they were cooked on a hoe out in the field,” says vafarmwife—no oven required.

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