With so many food trucks cruising around, it’s no surprise that they are starting to get more creative with their art to differentiate themselves. The result is some really cool art on wheels, driving around various cities selling food. Here’s a look at the designs we think are the most interesting right now (in no particular order)—but at the rate new trucks are opening, we may have to revisit this list again in a few months. If you think we missed a good one, let us know!

Truck: Grill ’Em All, Los Angeles

Cuisine: Heavy metal burgers

Artist: Andy Anderson

Art Concept: “To have something mystical like a hesher would airbrush on his boogie van, yet still epic enough to carry us into a bloody burger battle,” says Matt Chernus, a co-owner.

On the Road For: About a year

Truck: Dim and Den Sum, Cleveland

Cuisine: Comfort food with an Asian twist

Artist: The Sign Guy 1972 (an anonymous graffiti artist in Cleveland)

Art Concept: “We wanted to keep it fun and Asian inspired,” says Chris Hodgson, a co-owner. “This just fit: It’s funny and [it’s the artist’s] signature drawing style with oversized teeth, so it’s underground art and recognizable. People knew us just from his artwork.”

On the Road For: A few months

Truck: The Place, Los Angeles

Cuisine: Comfort food with an emphasis on pastrami

Artist: Laura D. Luo (wife of the owner)

Art Concept: “The city of LA with the delicious color of our special mustard sauce,” says owner David Lee.

On the Road For: Almost a year

Truck: Sugar Philly, Philadelphia

Cuisine: Seasonal desserts

Artist: Maria Kim

Art Concept: “To show desserts … like gifts from heaven,” says Franklin Shen, a founder and partner. “[Maria Kim] created a raining of desserts onto the city we serve, as well as showing the four seasons all around our truck. It’s part fantasy, part reality, with desserts bridging the two.”

On the Road For: About six months

Truck: Latin House Grill, Miami

Cuisine: A mix of Cuban and other Latin flavors

Artist: The three owners, finalized by Adwave

Art Concept: “Having the grill as our main vehicle of cooking, [owner] Michell Sanchez wanted … fire, but at the same time, to show detail and perfection, like our food; that’s where the flowered fire came in.”

On the Road For: About a month

Truck: The Cinnamon Snail, Hoboken

Cuisine: Vegan organic breakfast, lunch, and treats

Artist: A friend of the chef who goes by the name Trip

Art Concept: To “drip with heavenly optical nectar … a look which would be the blissful visual representation of what our food is like,” says chef Adam Sobel.

On the Road For: About six months

Truck: Street Sweets, New York

Cuisine: Bakery on wheels: cookies, cupcakes, coffee, quiches, soup, etc.

Artist: Landers Miller Design

Art Concept: “[The owners] wanted something bold and fun that would immediately catch people’s eye on the busy streets of New York,” says Rick Landers of Landers Miller Design. “The concept came from the idea of a street map, and we were also inspired by Piet Mondrian’s Broadway Boogie Woogie as well as the great hand-painted facades of many French pâtisseries that use typography as texture on their storefronts.”

On the Road For: A little over a year

Truck: Chairman Bao, San Francisco

Cuisine: Savory Chinese steamed and baked buns

Artist: James Jean

Art Concept: Josh Tang, the co-founder and CEO of Mobi Munch, the company that owns the truck, says that people have accused them of biting Shepard Fairey’s style, but the art was “inspired by Chinese communist propaganda” to play off the Chairman Bao name.

On the Road For: About three months

Image Credits: honey lazar, Dim and Den Sum photo; The Place LA; Landers Miller Design, Street Sweets Photo; Massiel Sanchez & Bella Cespedes, Latin House Grill; James Jean, Chairman Bao;

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