Craft beer prices are continuing to rise, with some of the best brews approaching $10 a sixer, and that’s just sad. And while supplies of hops may be increasing in the future, it’s not likely that we’ll see a fall in beer prices anytime soon.

What’s a craft beer fan without a lot of pocket money to do? Brew it yourself of course. And, for extra credit, grow the ingredients in your garden. A piece in the Madison, Wisconsin, alternative weekly Isthmus urges folks who brew their own beer to create their own “beer gardens” as well. Notes brewing supplies shop owner David Mitchell, “For homebrewers looking to go completely organic, their own garden is a good alternative.” While the article stops short of suggesting you grow your own barley, it does point out that hops are a hardy, even aggressive, easy-to-grow perennial.

An inspiring table at the bottom of the piece matches homegrown herbs with the flavor notes they contribute to beer. Toss a little bit of chamomile flowers or heather into your next batch, and sip the taste of summer.

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