Homemade granola is forgiving and flexible, and can easily be adapted to your own tastes. Hounds have some helpful tips, too. Which nuts, seeds, or dried fruits you use is a matter of personal taste, but the bulk of your mixture should be old-fashioned rolled oats. Most recommend adding dried fruit after you bake your granola to avoid drying it out.

For those worried about adding oil, amela replaces the oil in her granola recipe with applesauce, and says it works fine. Meanwhile, Mandy likes Mark Bittman’s recipe, which uses no oil.

janniecooks suggests experimenting with proportions of dry to wet/sweet/fat ingredients. She uses 4 cups of oats and 1 cup each sunflower seed kernels, coconut, and sliced almonds tossed with 1/4 cup each of butter and honey melted together.

gordeaux offers a hint for getting dense, clumpy granola: Once it’s out of the oven, press it very firmly between two pans before it cools.

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