I hate talking to people. So the next time I’m in Nuremberg, you’ll find me at the oddly named ’s Baggers, which bills itself as the world’s first automated restaurant (methinks the Automat would find some fault with this claim). As Der Spiegel explains, customers order from touch screens, which send requests up to the kitchen. The food is cooked by a real live chef, and then:

Dishes like ‘organic beef in buttermilk’ and ‘sausage en croute’ glide along the rails to customers, propelled by gravity.

For the magic to work at all, [Michael] Mack had to install the kitchen directly beneath the roof of the multistory restaurant. … The system also calculates the likely delivery times for drinks and meals at every table and keeps customers informed.

The overwhelming thought that hits you as you watch a video of the food sliding gracefully down the roller-coaster-like rails is “Wheee!” The level of gee-whizzery is simply awesome, sort of like being a kid and putting stuff in the pneumatic tubes at your dad’s office. Is the food any good? Who cares? Wheee!

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