The RiffTrax Blog has posted a photo from Tijuana that will undoubtedly stack up to be one of the fiscal quarter’s most entertaining food-related images. Titled Churros Zen, it’s a haunting exploration of the churning paradox of not being able to do the one specific task you were put on God’s green Earth to do. Churros style.

The comments section also includes the following harrowing confession from a (self-identified) Starbucks employee:

yeah so i work at starbucks and we often (sadly) run out of brewed coffee or brew decaf that was ground a couple of days before (24 hrs is standard) or given regular coffee for decaf. At night, when i was still closing people wouldn’t get the brewed coffee (always getting those damned frappuccinos) and we would rock it forward to reset the one hour self timer…watch out for those flashing lights (affectionately called ‘christmas lights’), if you see that at a starbucks the coffee’s over an hour old and subsequently if it’s been sitting there long enough, is not being warmed. And yes i agree the world is oblivious to those playing God with their coffee…muahahahaha! by the way, i didn’t say any of this.

If that doesn’t keep you up at night, nothing will.

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