For some people the name Pillsbury brings to mind a chunky little Doughboy character. For others, cold, hard cash—or at least the hope of cash. One million dollars, to be precise, up for grabs each year in the Pillsbury Bake-Off. Now a former contest winner has penned a book, The Ungarnished Truth, about her experience winning the mother lode of cooking contests in 1998, with her recipe for salsa couscous chicken.

A book that could have been humdrum and housewifely instead sounds rather intriguing. The author is a former software designer who sussed out the theory behind the contest, as well as the cooking involved. She looked at it as a puzzle, she says in an interview with Rebekah Denn in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. She “approached entries as projects to design, or codes to crack.”

Perhaps others will take notes and try to crack the code as well.

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