The newly opened Morimoto, the first of the Iron Chef’s eponymous restaurants on the West Coast, “fills a much needed sushi niche,” says gmk1322. An avid fan of the ponytailed chef, gmk1322 visited on opening weekend and was thrilled with the food, the service, and the chance to chat with Morimoto himself.

Traditional sushi is expertly prepared and super-fresh. “The sushi rice itself was great and the chefs were really in touch with the fish since each piece of nigiri had the right amount of wasabi to complement the entire piece,” gmk1322 says. And the signature tuna pizza, a concoction of sliced big-eye tuna sashimi with anchovy aioli, olives, and jalapeños on toasted flatbread, is delish. “No component of the dish was muddled or overpowered by any other ingredient; rather they all played together in an awesome symphony of tastes that was indescribable.”

Morimoto [Napa Valley]
610 Main Street, Napa

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