It’s hard not to admire the dogged focus of Chowhound forums, with their “one clear topic” mentality and ruthlessly pruned discussions that never stray from the subject at hand.

That said, there’s something joyously liberating about reading a food thread over on Fark, where not only do irrelevant comments get posted, they often hijack the thread and take it into entirely new and ridiculous territory.

A recent thread—based solely on the sentence “Gaaah What sort of heathen microwaves a Pop-Tart?”—generated nearly 550 replies in 24 hours.

Within these replies were, of course, dozens of messages debating the “toaster versus microwave” issue vis-à-vis Pop-Tarts.

But also there were debates about Marmite-lovers versus Marmite-haters; grits-lovers versus grits-haters; and Britain versus the United States.

AaaPha: I love that Yanks can ridicule our taste in food when they eat shiate like that!

real shaman: Last time I checked, I didn’t see any steak and kidney or boiled bollocks pop-tarts. Also no spotted dick pop-tarts.

The discussions also included “suicide” mixed soda drinks, and pop versus soda versus Coke versus soda pop.

And “wiener water soup.” Focused? No. Entertaining? Endlessly.

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