The blogger known as copyranter took on Ketel One Vodka in a recent post, going after the “Gentlemen, this is vodka” campaign with an amiable viciousness typical of his approach. From the identically dressed stubbly middle-aged dude-bros to the ad’s token diversity and painstakingly staged feel, there’s not much left to analyze after you’ve finished his essay/rant.

And if you’ve never before read copyranter, do: It’s the generally hostile but insightful output of a New York–based advertising copywriter who spends the majority of his time tearing his colleagues’ insipid work to shreds. Ketel One is merely the tip of his food- and drink-focused output; just this month he’s gone after Chinese Mountain Dew ads, a Trident White ad (the F*cking Idiotic Ad of the Week), and a cruel but beautifully illustrated Brazilian ad for Mentos.

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