Most recipes call for cooking the bulb-shaped veggie kohlrabi–roasting, mashing, simmering in soup, and so on. It’s delicious however you do it, though perhaps not ideal for the summer palate. But Kohlrabi’s great raw, too–even older, larger bulbs that may seem too fibrous to munch uncooked. Only the outer layer of the bulb is fibrous, explains Aaron; many people peel off just the skin, but you need to remove the fibrous layer beneath the skin as well. The heart of the bulb will be tender enough to eat raw.

You can make kohlrabi into a slaw, or use it as you might jicama (though it contains much more water). Or try this Indian finger food prep–especially refreshing if you chill the kohlrabi before preparing it, notes Jupiter: Chop peeled kohlrabi into matchstick-size pieces, squeeze lemon or lime onto them, generously sprinkle with cayenne, and toss. Perfect with a cold beer (best with a light brew like lager or pilsner).

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