In today’s world of highly produced cooking and food programs, it’s easy to forget about public television’s contribution to the genre. Long before Emeril and Rachael Ray, there were a host of shows that are now nostalgic favorites. And most of these were no-frills, with small budgets and modest kitchens. Cee Dub, a.k.a. Butch Welch, host of Dutch Oven and Camp Cooking, doesn’t even have a kitchen, but he still whips up a sincere batch of biscuits ’n’ gravy with a trusty Dutch oven, an old recipe, and a campfire. It’s true that he may be a little rough around the edges, but who wants a coiffed camp cook in a chef coat? Making its debut 10 years ago on public television, the show is now in syndication. Check local listings to see when it airs in your area, or purchase a book or DVD from the Cee Dub collection. I’m definitely looking forward to channeling the unassuming attitude of ol’ Cee Dub on my next camping trip.

Cee Dub’s Cookbooks and DVDs , $9.95–$69.95

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