Ah, tongue. All the great meaty flavor, none of the toughness. Falafel Arax does a lamb tongue sandwich that is insane, says peifferc: tongue and tomatoes in a hot-pressed sandwich with turnip pickles on the side. Oh yeah—falafel is good, too.

On the beef front, Attari serves up an excellent Persian-style tongue sandwich, agree several hounds—it tastes more like a roast than the typical deli-style boiled tongue and comes on a good roll.

A Persian runner-up is at Canary, which also thoughtfully serves a brain sandwich (not translated onto the English menu).

As for deli-style, go for Nate ’n Al or Langer’s. Speaking of Langer’s, there’s no need to specify hand-cut pastrami, as Nora Ephron pointed out in her ode in the New Yorker a few years ago; because the meat is so tender after its long steaming, it’s always hand-cut.

Falafel Arax [Mid-City]
5101 Santa Monica Boulevard #2, Hollywood

Attari Sandwich Shop [Westside–Inland]
1388 Westwood Boulevard, Westwood


Canary Chicken House [Westside–Inland]
1942 Westwood Boulevard, Westwood


Langer’s Delicatessen [Downtown]
704 S. Alvarado Street, Los Angeles

Nate ’n Al Delicatessen Restaurant [Mid-City]
414 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills

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