Who wouldn’t love to travel the country in search of the best examples of your favorite treats? Raymond Sokolov has just such a gig as the Wall Street Journal’s Eating Out columnist. Last year, he crisscrossed the country in search of the best burger (for the click-averse: Ann’s Snack Bar, Atlanta).

This year, he heralds spring with an odyssey devoted to “America’s Top Dog.” That elusive “snap,” the soft bun, the condiment choices that range from the simple to the baroque: Hot dogs conjure up summertime good eating better than almost any other food. Sokolov covers dog spots from the LA institution Pink’s to New York’s epicenter of burger ’n’ dog hype, Shake Shack, as well as a smattering of Chicago’s finest dog spots, as identified by Charlie Trotter. His top pick? Speed’s Hotdog Wagon.

The comments section for the piece already runs to 11 pages, and offers heated debate as well as scores more places where those passionate about hot dogs can get their fix.

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