Junk food isn’t my thing. Potato chips tend to languish in my near vicinity, while bananas and yogurt don’t stand a chance. Proof of this are the two unopened bags of potato chips that have been on my desk for a month. However, when I tried the Arico Cassava Chips (cassava is a root plant from South America) that were recently sent to CHOW HQ, I ended up shamefully strolling around the office stuffing them in my mouth as fast as possible. The Ginger on Fire flavor has a spicy, slightly sweet tang that doesn’t disappoint, and fits into the recent trend of chips with “Thai seasonings.” The Sea Salt Mist flavor is cleanly salty without being greasy. With less fat than potato chips and twice the fiber, it’s tough to feel entirely guilty about hogging the bag.

Arico Cassava Chips are available at select stores nationwide.

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