K K has found some superb sesame bread. It’s called Hamati bread, and it’s from a company called Aroma’s. It’s a big doughnut-shaped thing with a hollow center and sesame seeds on top. The strong roasted-sesame flavor permeates everything. “It smelled so delicious through the bag I had to get one to try. And it tasted really good, chewy but not hard and the sesame seeds on top really added to the texture and enjoyment … I think this will appeal to lovers of all sorts of bread: naan, green onion pancake, or those Northern Chinese Halal Muslim style sesame seed flat cakes.”

It’s good reheated in the toaster or right out of the bag, and has been spotted at Berkeley Bowl, Dean’s Produce, and Milk Pail market. It’s produced in San Bruno, so it’s probably available elsewhere around the Bay Area, too.

Berkeley Bowl
[East Bay]
2020 Oregon Street, Berkeley

Dean’s Produce [Peninsula]
451 Broadway, Millbrae

The Milk Pail
2585 California Street, Mountain View

Board Link: Superb Hamati Sesame Bread from Aroma’s San Bruno

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