When you’ve had enough cornbread, pancakes, and even devil’s food cake, it’s time for some savory cooking with buttermilk.

Sharuf uses one cup buttermilk mixed with one tablespoon cornstarch or two tablespoons Wondra as her standard gravy base. Pour it into the pan you’ve used to pan-fry chops or other meat and you’ve got a pan gravy with a sour cream flavor, but without the calories.

A buttermilk soak is traditional for fried chicken, and also works for fried fish. If you don’t want to fry, Val recommends spicy oven-fried chicken.

Diane in Bexley shares her buttermilk-rich recipe for ranch dressing: “So good with iceberg lettuce wedges, cucumbers and tomatoes.” And MeffaBabe advises mixing buttermilk with “sour cream, mayo and a touch of lemon juice, add blue cheese and you now have the absolute best blue cheese dressing!”

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