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Where We Ate in San Francisco

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Dynamo Donut & Coffee: Upscaling the Doughnut

Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market: Happy Birthday, Thursday Farmers’ Market!

Blue Bottle Coffee (Ferry Building): Green Fairy in the Biscotti?

Humphry Slocombe: Like It, Lick It

Heart: This Is What a Snuggie Tastes Like

Spencer on the Go: French Symbiosis in SOMA

Terroir Wine Bar: Drinking, Naturally, at Terroir

Out the Door: Confirmed Fans of Phan’s Breakfast

Adesso: Salami & Aperitivi Heaven

Incanto Restaurant & Wine Bar: Guts, Fame, and Exciting Tripe

Gracias Madre: Politically Correct Mexican Food

B Star Cafe: A Multiculti B Star Brunch

Mission Chinese Food: Chinese Burrito = Chinito

La Taqueria and El Farolito: The Mission Burrito, Dissected

Aziza: Moroccan Food Without Kitsch

Sandbox Bakery: Pork Belly Croque and Good Vibes

The Alembic: Punk-Rock Fanciness at the Alembic

Four Barrel Coffee: Bad Robot, No Coffee for You

COI Restaurant: Earthworks on a Plate

Bi-Rite Market: Grocery Store as Tourist Destination

Saison: Cave-Man Cooking, But Chic