Honduran president Manuel Zelaya was pissed off. Over the weekend, the FDA had issued an alert that a recent salmonella outbreak, which has sickened at least 50 people across the United States and in Canada, was tied to cantaloupes from Honduras. As the Associated Press reported, somewhat splendidly, “The government also is seeking to detain all cantaloupes shipped to the United States by Agropecuaria Montelibano,” a Honduran company. The FDA advised consumers to confirm that any melons they’d purchased did not come from Honduras.

All this was too much for Zelaya. Appearing on CNN en Español, Zelaya pulled a box of melons before the camera.

‘Permit me to make a demonstration,’ he said, then cut open the fruit, sliced off a chunk, put it in his mouth and chewed vigorously.

‘I eat this fruit without any fear,’ he said with his mouth full. ‘It’s a delicious fruit. Nothing happens to me!’

After the break, the Honduran foreign minister eats a banana! Only on CNN en Español!

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