CookieLee says that Chez Jacky, brought to you by the folks behind Petit Robert Bistro, is “good. It’s very good.”

A recent dinner started on a high note with a warm, crisp baguette with butter. (Why don’t more restaurants warm their bread or, failing that, at least serve room-temperature butter? But I digress.) Said bread is apparently flown in from Montreal, an interesting choice when Clear Flour is right up the street, but hey. “The bread from Montreal is more akin to French baguettes I’ve had in France than the Clear Flour,” says CookieLee.

CookieLee’s lovely experience continued through the green salad with tomatoes, beef cheeks Bourguignon, mussels in cream and shallot broth, and profiteroles, “as good as I’ve ever had them.” The final touch: a half-baked baguette to pop in the oven at home. “I’m very excited to have this place as an addition to the hood.”

Chez Jacky [Brighton]
1414 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston

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