Animal welfare activists condemned a recent incident in which a leg of lamb was thrown onto the field at a Northern Ireland football match. Throwing the uncooked joint of meat “demonstrated general disregard for animal welfare,” the USPCA said, although there was no word on whether that would have been the case if the leg had been butterflied, or, perhaps, cooked to tenderness for five hours in a Dutch oven.

Throwing edible objects at games is an unfortunate but established tradition in European football. Overexcited fans have tossed half-eaten hamburgers, Mars bars, bananas, and the head of a suckling pig.

Football fans are not alone. A commenter at Boing Boing notes that Detroit Red Wings hockey fans throw octopuses on the ice as a symbol of good luck.

Among inedible objects thrown at sports matches: a car door and a burning motor scooter. Maybe a leg of lamb isn’t so bad.

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