Naval beef is salted brisket that comes in large, white plastic tubs with black lettering. It’s part of a brisket cut with bone in, says jayt90, so you get bones, fat, and meat cut into serving-size chunks. The meat is brined (so cured but not smoked) and uncooked. It’s a prime ingredient in Jigg’s Dinner, which requires that it be cooked in a large cauldron of water (to dilute the salt, says jayt90) with root vegetables and cabbage. “Delicious, and you get to suck on the bones,” says jayt90. “It’s that kind of meal!”

The name might come from its maritime origins, says alanbarnes. Cheap cuts of raw beef, preserved in salt, were a staple for sailors in the days before refrigeration. However, he notes that the “navel” end of the brisket is the part closest to the belly button, so maybe it’s “navel beef” after all!

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