Even regulars at the Flushing Mall food court may have missed its handmade noodle vendor, which is outside the food court proper, farther east and south toward the 39th Avenue entrance. Those who’ve discovered it have one more source for terrific hand-pulled, knife-cut wheat noodles, served in soup (with meat sauce, beef tendon, shredded or roast pork, chicken, duck, seafood, etc.) or pan-fried (with seafood, sliced or roast pork, beef, chicken, etc.). The menu, much of it only in Chinese, also offers dumplings and more.

“The hand-drawn noodle place is wonderful!” sighs ZenFoodist, who goes for beef brisket noodle soup. She recommends putting together a combo meal from this place and the Korean-Chinese dumpling stall upstairs amid the mall’s street-level retail shops. Its dumplings are fresh-made and fantastic–try the one with shrimp, pork, sea cucumber and chives–but don’t miss the accompanying spicy cabbage salad and exceptionally tasty dipping sauce. “We always come here and we are never disappointed,” ZenFoodist adds.

Hand-drawn noodle vendor [Flushing]
Flushing Mall food court, booth C26
133-31 39th Ave., between Prince St. and College Point Blvd., lower level, Flushing, Queens

Korean-Chinese dumpling vendor [Flushing]
Flushing Mall, street level, booth M38
133-31 39th Ave., between Prince St. and College Point Blvd., Flushing, Queens

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