Dethroner proposes—with plenty of caveats—that beer drinkers have less damaged brains than wine drinkers.

The theory emerges from a study from Germany’s Göttingen University that reveals:

The researchers found that wine shrinks the hippocampus [the part of the brain associated with memory and spatial awareness] and as women tend to drink more wine than beer, they are more likely to be affected; many middle-age drinkers also drink wine for its supposed health benefits.

The study found that in non-alcoholics the hippocampus was 3.85ml, in beer drinkers it was 3.4ml, in spirit drinkers 2.9ml and for wine drinkers it was the smallest, just 2.8ml.

More good news emerges in the comments section of the Dethroner bit. Says tony: “Hey, there’s a lot of evidence that marijuana helps stop brain cell death, so no matter what you’re drinking, smoke a little weed first!”

Ah, the ancient connection between intellect and cannabis, particularly evident vis-à-vis popular music

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